This is an index of all the Abilities mentioned in Mark of the Corripian, Book 1 of the Corripian Chronicles, listed in order of appearance.

*All Abilities are weakened by injury/fatigue. Additional exceptions are listed*


Able to emit light from his/her body. A well-trained brihit can create a light bright enough to temporary blind another person.

Fun Fact: Brihits are the only Ability that can use energy from a source beside his/herself. Brihits are able to collect and store power from the sun, which they can further use to strengthen their Ability.


Able to move very quickly.

Fun Fact: A sitan’s mind moves nearly eight times faster than others’. This is in order to keep up with the sitan’s body (otherwise he/she would not be able to think quickly enough to know what he/she is doing). BUT their minds move faster ONLY when using their Ability.


Able to direct/redirect electrical waves. This power can often be ruthless and uncontrollable.

Exceptions: Luxuses are immune to other luxuses’ Abilities.

Fun(?) Fact: Most Solumian luxuses do not live past childhood, and many end up killing themselves as well as others. It is the most difficult Ability to utilize.


Able to physically manipulate a single type of metal (varies from person to person). The dolam possesses a magnetic pull toward his/her type of metal and can sense and attract this metal. A dolam is also able to mold his/her metal without tools, though the speed at which this occurs depends on the dolam’s experience and training.

Exception: Impure metal can be difficult or impossible for a dolam to manipulate.

Fun Fact: Most diverse Ability, though most (Solumian) dolams never reach their full potential. Some never even discover their type of metal.


Able to discern whether or not a person is telling the truth.

Fun Fact: Only mental Ability that is not affected by a blocked mind. Also only Ability not affected by injury/fatigue. But it is pretty much the lamest Ability ever. No one likes sivers. -.-


Able to hear another person’s thoughts. Requires great focus and concentration. With experience, a muse can potentially plant/repress another person’s memories (though this skill is quite rare).

Exceptions: Useless if used on a shielded mind (though some muses are able to break mental barriers).

Fun Fact: Most common Ability among Kedeshites, though most are only able to hear thoughts of an unguarded mind.


Able to sense another person’s feelings.

Fun Fact: One of the least understood Abilities. For hundreds of years, sensies were thought to only be able to sense another person’s emotions, and cause slight changes in his/her mood. It was only recently that one sensie discovered he could not only alter a mood, but inflict strong, painful emotions onto others (obviously he wasn’t hugged enough as a child). More powers from this Ability are now being discovered. Who knows what will be revealed in Book 2?? ;)


Able to teleport his/her body, as well as other objects/people. If teleported something in addition to his/her body, the object must be a weight the locan is able to physically carry, otherwise he/she could cause physical injury.

Fun Fact: To an observer, when teleporting, a locan’s body seems to dissolve from the outside-in. When he reappears, his body comes into view from the inside-out. Some non-locans who teleport with a locan say it tickles a little. Others say it feels like their bodies are being slowly burned from the inside out.


Able to see future events. There are two different types of stipos: visionary and prophetic. Visionary stipos typically see events in the near or distant future of himself or a close loved one. Prophetic stipos go into a trance-like state in which they receive prophecies. These prophecies must be translated by a third party.

Fun Fact: All prophetic stipos are bound by a code (the name will be revealed in Book 2), which disallows them from attempting to change future events. This code was established by the Elders of Praevalius who are really big on the whole “fate” thing.


Has super-human strength.

Fun Fact: Ortises are able to exert much more power than the average person, and typically have more energy. It’s like their blood is made of coffee or something.


Able to turn his/her body invisible.

Fun Fact: Promps are notorious for eavesdropping (and being in places in which they are not welcome).


Able to manipulate water.

Fun Fact: Thought to be the very first Ability on Macathia (among Kairian).


Able to manipulate fire.

Fun Fact: This is the first Ability acquired by a human on Macathia.


Able to shift into the form of any animal, including those only the animute can imagine.

Fun Fact: While in animal form, an animute can communicate with other animals of that species.


Able to physically heal another person’s wounds.

Exceptions: Life-threatening wounds cannot be healed, and if attempted, the liusan’s life could be endangered.

Fun Fact: A few liusans within Solum are chosen to become personal doctors for the Leaders. They are the only citizens legally allowed to use their Abilities.


Able to shift into the form of another person.

Exceptions: A demimute cannot shift into a person he/she has never seen before.