Bethany Hope Parker was born near Dallas, Texas on December 8, 1994, though moved to Birmingham, Alabama a few years later. She grew up with a vivid imagination and far too much free time on her hands.It wasn’t until she entered high school that she began seriously writing down the stories that filtered through her head on a daily basis.

Bethany also enjoys working with young children, as well as animals of all kinds. As a child, she would continuously ask for a puppy, but since her mother is allergic, her wish was denied. Instead, she acquired every other possible animal, including rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, frogs, rats, and parakeets. Though, after over seventeen years of pleading, she was finally able to get a puppy (hypoallergenic, of course!). Aside from animals and children, she loves office supplies of all kinds, feels the need to arrange colored objects in rainbow order, and has a possibly unhealthy addiction to Korean dramas.

Bethany wrote her first manuscript, Mark of the Corripian, during her junior year of high school. The story began as a simple way to relieve boredom, but soon evolved into something much greater. Her interest in the story grew as she wrote, and soon enough she had an entire series planned out: The Corripian Chronicles.

B.H. Parker is now a sophomore in college, and she has changed her major three times, so no one really knows what she plans to do with her future. One thing is certain: She will never stop writing.


B.H. Parker, author of the Corripian Chronicles

B.H. Parker, author of the Corripian Chronicles
Photo by Becky Steen